5 Places to See in 2016

This blog was in its beginning stages this time last year. I would not consider myself a world traveler just yet, but I’ve always wanted to be. One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to motivate myself to chase the life I want. Sitting at my desk drooling over far-off destinations isn’t getting me anywhere; I had to actively save and pursue my travel goals to make those dreams a reality.

So to kick off 2016 right – hello, it’s been three weeks already- I wanted to put together a loose list of travel goals for this year. This is not a bucket list, per se, but a few places that I could realistically experience within the year. Let’s get going!


Key West, FL: I’ll start with one close to home. And by close, I mean 7-8 hours down the highway. Something about driving down that long highway, sand and sea on both sides, appeals to me in a way that traditional beaches do not. I’m hoping to take a weekend trip before it gets unbearably hot, and visit the southernmost post in the United States. Because let’s be honest. I won’t live in Orlando forever, and now is the time to take advantage of it!

Snoqualmie Falls in the Spring
Snoqualmie Falls, a short drive from downtown Seattle.

Seattle, WA: I try to visit home as often as possible, and it looks like my first big trip of 2016 (one including an airplane) will be based in the West Coast. My home state of Washington is gorgeous, and I have a long list of natural sites I’d like to see. Since most campsites will be closed when I visit, I’ll probably just visit family, discover a couple new-to-me spots in Seattle, and go for a hike or two. Maybe I’ll even hop over to Canada if I have the time. Bliss, I’m coming for you!


Savannah, GA: Savannah has been on my radar for years. I’m most interested in taking in some of the gorgeous architecture and sampling the local food. It’s history also lends itself to a variety of haunting stories and ghost tours, something which Dan and I could both enjoy.


Pompeii, Italy: I feel like I’ve been talking nonstop about my upcoming trip to Europe with Dan. With just three or four days to spend in Rome, I’m still debating whether or not visiting historic Pompeii is worth the day trip. I’m leaning toward yes, especially because I can always re-visit the rest of Rome on a future Italian road trip.


New Orleans, LA: Returning to the States, I’d like to take at least one more small domestic trip before the year ends. New Orleans is a city begging to be photographed. I visited once in 2008, but since I was visiting with a friend and her young daughter, all we did was visit the zoo (which was awesome, to be fair). I’ve wanted to return ever since to capture all the small details along the streets, as well as eat and drink myself into a coma. Other contenders for domestic trips are Washington, D.C. (unlikely considering this year’s Presidential election), Chicago for a weekend getaway, or maybe Los Angeles for a splashier end to the year.

And that’s all so far! I’m sure there will be more destinations along the way, but for now, I’m keeping my calendar open. Stay tuned for trip reports in the next few months! Which destination is your favorite?


18 thoughts on “5 Places to See in 2016

    1. Washington is gorgeous! I try to come back as often as possible. Hopefully you make it up there soon! There are plenty of festivals and outdoor activites in the summer, but every season has something to offer.


  1. I want to go to all these places. Ive just been to Pompeii and must admit i was slightly disappointed as the bodies which they say are there have in fact been moved. I might be slightly gruesome but this is what i wanted to see.


  2. I’ve been to NO, but only for a short period of time! I want to go back so badly, especially for Mardi Gras! As someone who used to live in GA, I can tell you that Savannah is amazing! Cheers, great post!

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    1. Same! One afternoon was not enough for me, and while Mardi Gras is probably pretty crazy, it seems like something you just have to experience once.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy New Year! Seems like you may have a great year ahead! Nice goals! I’ve never been to the US (1st time is planned for 2016, yay! – but just a quick 24h stopover…!) nor Pompei (I’d love to see that too!!). You list is exciting, nice choice of pics too.
    You’re so right to do trips next to home, traveling does not have to always be far away!


    1. Absolutely! I can’t afford to travel to far off places very often, but there are plenty of things to do in my own country if I look harder! How exciting that you’ll be here this year! What cities are you visiting??


  4. Great list! “Sitting at my desk drooling over far-off destinations isn’t getting me anywhere; I had to actively save and pursue my travel goals to make those dreams a reality.” – couldn’t agree more!

    Traveling near or far, you see and learn so much! Happy Travels & Happy New Year!


  5. Good choices! I already checked New Orleans off for this year and Seattle will be happening again when the weather is more favorable. The only one on your list that I haven’t seen is Key West and that looks awesome, too!


  6. Pompeii, Italy is definitely on my list! I’ve been wanting to go there for years. Savannah is so gorgeous!! Just avoid the summer months because it gets too hot and muggy. Much more enjoyable in the spring or fall 🙂


    1. I believe that! The humidity here in Orlando is killer over the summer. Savannah just looks so beautiful in pictures, and I’m dying to see it in person.


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