My First Travel Blogaversary: Seven Treasured Travel Memories

Today, Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere turns one year old! I started this blog in part to force myself to pursue my travel dreams, and so far, it’s been a smashing success! In the past year, I’ve traveled to California, Washington and Utah, and shared details about the trip to France that spurred this whole thing into motion.

To celebrate, I want to share my top five travel memories. We’re going way back, starting at a time before I even owned a laptop or knew what SEO meant. Continue reading “My First Travel Blogaversary: Seven Treasured Travel Memories”

A Tram-tastic Day at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s time I finished up this series of posts on California! Dan and I woke up on our third full day in the Golden State and headed over to Universal Studios Hollywood. We had timed our visit to fall between peak seasons, in the hopes that the crowds would have died down somewhat. Of course, this also meant much shorter park hours…if I remember correctly, Universal opened at 10AM that morning, and closed around 6 or 7. After two full days of exploration, I was happy to sleep in a little bit before jumping into our final day’s adventures. Continue reading “A Tram-tastic Day at Universal Studios Hollywood”

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Ahhh California. A state of perpetual sunshine, delicious fresh juices, and who could forget the glamour of Hollywood?

And traffic. Loads of traffic. Our second full day in California was hardly postcard-perfect. After bidding a sad goodbye to Anaheim, Dan and I hopped into our rental car and made for Hollywood. It wasn’t long before we were caught up in one of California’s infamous traffic jams. It was stop and go for nearly two hours as we navigated past Downtown Los Angeles and found our next hotel, nestled in the hills of North Hollywood. At last, we thought, our day can finally begin!

Wrong. I try to stay positive in the face of whatever life throws at me, but there is just no denying the truth: our second day in California sucked. Continue reading “On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy

When I was a kid, my parents took us to Disneyland. I was too young to remember much. I was afraid of the sea monster and erupting volcanoes at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I was afraid of every little part of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. And I was completely, utterly enchanted by the Main Street Electrical Parade, and the fiber optic wand my parents bought off of a street vendor. Continue reading “The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy”

California Dreaming

Some people might think we were crazy, hopping a flight to California just to see a smaller version of the parks here in our own Orlando backyard. I hadn’t been to California since 2012, and Dan had never been at all. When we learned that $100 could buy us a stop in California before heading home from Washington, we were all over it. In the future, I’d love to spend several days enjoying all the natural beauty California has to offer…but this trip was all about the theme parks.

It was the perfect time to visit. We planned our trip for November, when there would surely be less tourists to deal with. We hopped a two hour flight from Seattle to Long Beach, landing in the cutest little airport I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately, but the airport definitely had a beachy, laid-back 60s vibe. I was thrilled when the flight attendants announced that we could exit onto the tarmac from either end of the plane. I didn’t even know people in the states could exit onto the tarmac anymore! Obviously I leapt at the chance to exit from the back of the plane, feeling like Jackie O as I descended the steps of the plane. Continue reading “California Dreaming”