The Embassy Inn: Casual Comfort in the Heart of Downtown Victoria, B.C.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared my weekend adventures to British Columbia with my childhood friend Nadya. Having never visited Victoria before (no, a forgotten childhood visit does not count), I was anxious to see as much as possible. That meant doing a little research beforehand, traveling with reputable companies, and basing ourselves in a central but affordable location. Continue reading “The Embassy Inn: Casual Comfort in the Heart of Downtown Victoria, B.C.”

Beauty in Bloom at the Butchart Gardens

I feel like I’ve been leading up to this post for weeks now. I got to visit the Butchart Gardens with my friend Nadya back in April, and absolutely loved it! It’s hard now to believe that we ever considered skipping it altogether  – read more about that lapse in sanity here.

In the end, we did choose to visit the Butchart Gardens, and we arrived hoping to be wowed. As we paid the $30 entry fee, I couldn’t help but think of all the other things I could buy with that money. 1/3 of a one day ticket to Disney World. Dinner for two at Kobe. A one-way ticket to visit my sister in Utah. Surely no garden could be worth all that?

How happy I was to be proven wrong. Continue reading “Beauty in Bloom at the Butchart Gardens”

A Snapshot in Time: Craigdarroch Castle

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about castles, I immediately think of far off places and fairy tales. Castles are the stuff of fantasy, places that exist only in the pages of a book, or in countries far, far away from the one I live in.

So when I read that Victoria, B.C. boasts not one, but two castles, the only question was which one to visit first. Continue reading “A Snapshot in Time: Craigdarroch Castle”

Girls Weekend in Victoria: Part Two

Nadya and I awoke early on our last day in Victoria. We’d slept soundly, exhausted by the previous day’s adventures in British Columbia. As we sat down to breakfast in the hotel lounge, the only thing we had planned for the day, we weighed the pros and cons of a visit to Victoria’s famous Butchart Gardens. Continue reading “Girls Weekend in Victoria: Part Two”

Girls Weekend in Victoria: Part One

We all have that one friend. The one who is constantly jetting off, having adventures, and just living the life. For me, that person is Nadya, one of my closest friends since middle school. In the years I’ve known her, Nadya has taken school trips to Europe, taught English in France and traveled all over the continent, and practically lived in Ireland, given how frequently she visits. Continue reading “Girls Weekend in Victoria: Part One”

The Best of Both Worlds is in Washington State

In April, I traveled home to see my family in Washington State. It’s a trip I’ve made many times, and I still don’t get bored. I may have grown up there, but the Seattle area feels more like a vacation destination every time I visit. I love hanging out with my family, going shopping with my mom, and just enjoying the downtime and fresh, cool air. Continue reading “The Best of Both Worlds is in Washington State”

My First Travel Blogaversary: Seven Treasured Travel Memories

Today, Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere turns one year old! I started this blog in part to force myself to pursue my travel dreams, and so far, it’s been a smashing success! In the past year, I’ve traveled to California, Washington and Utah, and shared details about the trip to France that spurred this whole thing into motion.

To celebrate, I want to share my top five travel memories. We’re going way back, starting at a time before I even owned a laptop or knew what SEO meant. Continue reading “My First Travel Blogaversary: Seven Treasured Travel Memories”