Blogaversary Round Two: Looking Back on a Year of Travel & Storytelling

Today, Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere turns two years old! A small part of me can’t believe it’s been two years already. As a part-time traveler with a full-time job and minimal spending money, two years is a long time to continue finding ways to travel and make time for the hours of writing, editing and the dozens of little side projects that go into blogging.

But if I’m being completely honest, a much bigger part of me is surprised that it’s only been two years. I had to double check before writing this post that it has, in fact, been just two years since I published my first ever blog post. Continue reading “Blogaversary Round Two: Looking Back on a Year of Travel & Storytelling”

The Orlando Adventure Begins

In August, I had the pleasure of hosting my younger sister Michelle in Orlando. She visited once before, back in 2013, and I’ve been pestering her to make a comeback ever since. Her impending mission trip (and departure for 18 months) is what finally spurred one last hurrah, and with one month’s notice, the trip was officially in motion! Continue reading “The Orlando Adventure Begins”