Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG: The Perfect Airport Hotel

I used to be very against airport hotels. After shelling out all that money to visit a given destination, I never understood why anyone would want to spend their final night of vacation in a bland hotel away from all the action. When I visited Los Angeles, for example, I wanted to be close to restaurants and big sightseeing attractions, rather than cooped up in the boring strip of big-name airport hotels near LAX. Why waste that last evening rotting away and wishing to be somewhere else? Continue reading “Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG: The Perfect Airport Hotel”

Perplexed in Paris: Impressions of a First Time Airbnb User

Before you begin, now is a good time to grab a glass of wine and get comfortable. This post details my first time using Airbnb, and I have plenty to say, both good and bad.

Paris, it has been said, is not a cheap city to visit. I happen to disagree with that statement. As long as you keep the big-ticket sightseeing and fancy dinners to a minimum, Paris can actually be very affordable. A picnic at the Tuileries, a stroll through Notre Dame, sandwiches eaten along the Seine… Continue reading “Perplexed in Paris: Impressions of a First Time Airbnb User”

Travel Planning 101: Accommodation

This is the second post in a three-part vacation planning series. Part two is focused on finding awesome accommodation on a moderate budget. For part one, dedicated to finding the best deal on airfare, click here.

I’m easily swayed by low cost airfare. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shoved ridiculously low round trip fares in my boyfriend’s wary face and said “Please!?” A round trip ticket from Orlando to New Orleans, for example, costs under $100 almost every time I hop on Skyscanner. So what’s stopping me from pulling the trigger on all these fabulous, low-cost weekend trips?

Accommodation. That’s where my plans come screeching to a halt. You see, the airfare might not cost much, and I have no problem living out of a carry on suitcase, but finding a safe, clean, modern place to stay is a whole other problem. Continue reading “Travel Planning 101: Accommodation”