Behind the Lens

What’s it really like to visit the most popular sights in the world?

Disappointment is bound to happen at some point when traveling, especially in this media-dominated age.

We build these places up in our minds, liking and pinning impossibly beautiful photos as the big departure date gets closer. It’s no wonder that sometimes reality just doesn’t live up to those Insta-perfect expectations. The real world is not carefully filtered for optimal lighting and edited to neatly hide any blemishes in the scene. In Rome, for example, I was shocked to realize that there were probably more tourists than locals in 75% of the places we visited. The ancient, beautiful, historic city of Rome was there, but it was hidden behind hordes of tourists, obnoxious hawkers, and the ever-present click of cameras all around us.

In the interest of showing these big name attractions as they truly are, I invited several bloggers from the travel community to share the places that have surprised them along the way. Continue reading “Behind the Lens”

Working from Home: Tour My New Inspiration Station

Blogging, I’ve come to learn, is so much more than just typing up a quick post and inserting a couple of pretty pictures for dramatic effect. Over the past year or so of blogging, I’ve learned a bit of SEO, a bit of social media, and even a small amount of basic coding. There are so many skills involved in coordinating a successful travel blog, it occasionally feels a bit overwhelming. There is so much to do; not to mention finding the time to actually travel!

But for me, the hardest part of blogging is hitting a creative wall, and trying to find a way around it. Continue reading “Working from Home: Tour My New Inspiration Station”